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Manual lubrication systems

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Automatic lubrication systems

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Central lubrication units

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UNI Microspray

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Reliable functioning and cost effective

One of our aims is to make the lifetime of your plants as long as possible. Our lubrication systems provide you with a competitively priced solution that makes an important contribution to achieving this goal. - Murtfeldt lubrication systems constitute a perfected combination of sound technology, reliable functioning, and cost effectiveness.

To meet your requirements completely – both for manual and automatic lubrication

The architecture and structure of your plants dictates whether manual or automatic lubrication systems are best. While manual units have to be opened or closed by the operator, automatic systems are electronically controlled by the plant itself. You can choose between a manual lubrication system, an automatic lubrication system, a central lubrication unit with a pump, or an automatic spray system. All of our systems have optimum dosing capability, good visual control of drippage, and a choice of Plexiglas or natural glass cylinders.