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Insights into the Murtfeldt company

Murtfeldt products are used in all situations requiring packaging, filling, and transport systems. The Dortmund-based company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of slide profiles, chain and belt guides, chain tensioners, and custom machine parts made from abrasion-resistant glide-enabling plastics.
Murtfeldt paved the way for success in the 1950s when Original Material "S" Green® was introduced. The company thus created a brand that even today is synonymous with excellent glide properties, high abrasion and wear resistance, and a long service life.
Today, Murtfeldt boasts an extensive range of plastics that are used in many different industry sectors: In automation engineering, assembly and handling technology, drive engineering, conveyor technology, the beverage, food, and packaging industries, medical engineering, pharmaceutical production, and laboratory equipment. We create products that are, for example, antistatic, antibacterial, wear resistant, temperature resistant, or noise reducing as required. Combinations of multiple properties are also possible.